Editor's note: In today’s guest blog post Daniele Schillaci talks about Toyota's Touch 2 with Go technology, launching in January 2014. Hear how the company is bringing premium map features from Google to drivers.

At Toyota, our vision is to change the future of mobility, helping people get around in ways that can enrich their lives. Over the years, we’ve built our brand on the foundation of quality, safety and affordability. As we roll-out new in-car technologies, we’re working to maintain these core values, as well as exceed expectations for our brand.

Starting in January 2014, Toyota drivers will have access to Google Street View and Panoramio via the Toyota Touch 2 with Go connected technology. The newest in-dash system provides direct access to Google-sourced imagery and geo-tagged photos, allowing drivers to see a realistic view of their surroundings on a map.

By having access to street-level imagery of a final destination, such as a store entrance or a parking lot, Touch 2 with Go users can experience easier door-to-door navigation. Additionally, Google imagery and user-generated photos will be displayed on Toyota’s second generation Touch unit, which has four times the number of pixels and screen sizes of up to 8 inches. This brings strikingly clear visual-based cues to users within seconds.

While the latest in-car technologies have traditionally been available in luxury vehicles, we’re bringing best-in-class connectivity to our mainstream brands. We’re giving Toyota owners a one-year, free subscription to the Touch 2 with Go infotainment system, allowing drivers to access Google Street View and Panoramio, plus real time traffic, weather, parking and fuel prices - all from a bluetooth connection from inside their cars.

We’re excited to bring premium map features from Google to even more drivers and their passengers. Not only will this guide them to nearby places, it’s a step forward for raising expectations around Toyota innovation and the future of mobility.