Editor's note: Updated on September 26, 2014: Anhanguera Educational is no longer a Google Apps customer.

Cloud computing is very much a global phenomenon, and today we’d like to share a story from Latin America. Anhanguera Educational (Anhanguera Educacional ParticipaƧƵes S.A), the largest private educational network in Latin America, has chosen Google Apps for Business to make communication and collaboration more dynamic for its 310,000 students, administrators and staff. Among other benefits, the move to Apps will help students prepare to use 100% web tools like Gmail and Google Docs in a business context when they graduate.

Here’s what the administrators of Anhanguera have to say. According to Ana Maria Costa, vice president of Academics, “With Google, we want to introduce new concepts into the educational process and break away from a few well-worn paradigms. One of the most relevant goals is to transform the role of the teacher, who ceases to be the primary actor and adopts the role of one who stimulates and guides, while the student, instead of being only a passive receiver, becomes an active participant in his own learning. Google Apps will help us stimulate self-directed and interactive learning, collaboration and mobility while making relationships between students and professors less hierarchical.”

Antonio Carbonari Netto, founder and president of Anhanguera’s Administrative Council said, “We want to offer young professionals who are studying at our institutions the opportunity to access the most advanced technological solutions in the market -- those that will contribute to their academic and professional development.”

The beat of cloud computing is increasing, insistent and irresistible, and it’s transforming the way we learn and do business around the world. You can find out more about why our customers agree on the Google Apps for Business website.