Google Apps Script is a powerful way to automate business processes ranging from expense approvals to time-sheet tracking to ticket management and order fulfillment. Scripts are an efficient way for customers to add custom functionality beyond Google’s expanding suite of web-based applications. Today we’re launching improvements to Google Apps Script which make it even more versatile than before:
  • Data interoperability through JDBC (Java Database Connectivity): Now Google Apps Script can connect to any MySQL database, including business databases running on servers behind firewalls.
  • Custom user interfaces for scripts: Google Apps Premier Edition users can now script graphical interface elements and menus. For example, a company could power an internal application for purchasing office supplies. Users could shop via a customized menu interface, and the script could email the employee’s selections to their manager for purchasing approval before routing the order to fulfillment team.
  • Standalone invocation of scripts: It’s now possible to call a script from any website, so you’re able to build web pages where users can submit entries that will be collected in a Google spreadsheet.
  • More integrations with other Google properties: New integrations with Google Docs and Google Maps add the ability to create and modify files in the Google Documents List and retrieve directions from Google Maps.
Businesses large and small are already simplifying their IT environments with the power of Google Apps Script. Stephanie Anthony, IT Tools Architect at Motorola Mobile Devices, says the company is, “saving $1,000,000 per year by using Google Apps Script to replace our IT portfolio and resource management solution.”

To help you get started with scripts, we put together a new set of script templates with pre-built functionality. One of our favorites is the Map Mail Merge script. Let’s say you need to send conference invitations to 100 email recipients in your team’s database. Generating and sending custom invitations can be tedious, but Google Apps Script automates the process, including individualized door-to-door driving directions.

Stay tuned for more updates to Google Apps Script. Until then, start scripting and let us know what you come up with!