Google Web Security for Enterprise protects organizations of all sizes against web malware attacks in real time and enables the safe, productive use of the web, without incurring hardware, upfront capital, or IT management costs. The product enables organizations to control how employees use the Internet, and provides easy-to-use tools to create, enforce, and monitor the right web policy for your organization. Now, through a new add-on feature, we're extending that security to users wherever they may be working.

Protecting off-network users used to require them to connect via a VPN when they were out of the office — often with mixed results. With this new feature, all off-network users' web traffic is automatically directed to scanning infrastructure to enforce your policies and protect their computers, requiring no action on the part of individuals. It's easy to deploy and users can't tamper with it, ensuring your security and appropriate use policies are always in place.

In this way we hope to help your organization take greater control over its security, bandwidth and web communications. Google Web Security is powered by Postini with technology from ScanSafe, and integrated with Google Apps security and compliance messaging services. It's available in North America and Europe, and you can find out more on our Web Security page.