We're always looking to make it even easier for companies to move to Google Apps. And some customers are reluctant to step into the future without bringing along the email from their past.

Not long ago, we launched an email migration tool that lets administrators move email from their existing IMAP mail systems to Google Apps, so users didn't have to leave their old mail behind. Since then, more than a hundred million messages have been migrated. But this solution didn't solve the whole problem. If your existing solution didn't support IMAP, you were out of luck.

Today, we're excited to announce the new Google Apps Email Migration API, which can move email from anywhere – not just IMAP systems – to the Premier, Education or Partner Editions of Google Apps. If you need to migrate email from your users' desktops, migrate email from a server not supported by the IMAP migration tool, or do a push migration because of your security policies, a tool built on this API could be the perfect answer.

A growing network of partners now offer helpful and affordable migration solutions to organizations switching to Google Apps. For example, using the Email Migration API, LimitNone has already built a tool called gMOVE, which can move Microsoft® Outlook® calendars, email and contacts into Google Apps. You can find gMOVE and other migration solutions for your organization in our Solutions Gallery.

If you're interested in building an email migration tool yourself using this API, you can create an administrator or end user tool to migrate email extracted from any data source. The email migration API is based on GData, so it's easy to use, and you can learn all about it on the Google Code website. If you are a developer, and think organizations using Google Apps might be interested in what you've built, we could list your offering in our Solutions gallery. Please let us know by submitting your solution.

This API is just the latest in a stream (read, torrent) of innovations we've rolled out this year for Google Apps email. In case you missed any of those improvements, we'd thought we'd list some of the highlights here: