Success most frequently arrives to those who collaborate. It’s been proven through time: the telephone - Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson, the Cubism art movement - Picasso and Braque, and the list goes on. So in the spirit of teamwork (and our hope that it’ll provide you tremendous success), we’re introducing a better way collaborate on your Google Site Search search engine.

With Google Site Search, we provide website owners with an easy way to add a search engine to scan the content on their website and other desired domains. To date, collaborating on a search engine has existed to the extent that we allow multiple users to add websites to their search engine index. Today we’re expanding the scope of our team-based tools by giving you the ability to add administrators with full collaborative control. With administrators, you’ll be able to collaborate on granular elements of your search engine such as refinements, promotions, and much more.

Check out our new collaboration tools by creating a site search engine (tip: enter “collaborate” in the coupon field for a special offer), or logging into your existing Google Site Search control panel. Select “Admin accounts” from the left hand navigation and add collaborators to your search engine. Please reference our post on the custom search blog for more details.