At Google, we run a network of data centers that are built for scale and reliability. They’re also designed for security and data protection. For the 3 million businesses that have gone Google and the thousands more that join them every day, these features help ensure that their data is kept safe.

Many of you have been interested in visiting our data centers to see how we work to protect your data, but access to them is tightly restricted. Since we can’t give everyone a tour, we look for other ways to provide some visibility into these buildings. Last year we published the Google Apps security white paper, earlier this year we hosted a security & privacy webcast and today we’re sharing a video that highlights some of the capabilities in our data centers, including:
  1. Physical security
  2. Data protection
  3. Reliability of operations

Of course, we’re also committed to bringing you product features that help ensure the security and protection of your data. To that end, we’re the first major cloud provider to offer 2-step verification, default https encryption, attachment viewing and mobile device management in the browser, and many other security and administrative capabilities at no additional charge.

Our data centers aren't just designed with data protection in mind, they're also some of the greenest in the world. We've reduced our energy consumption by over 50% by building highly energy efficient facilities, and just yesterday we announced a power purchase agreement for clean wind energy - our second in less than a year - with the goal of supplying our Mayes County, Oklahoma data center with renewable energy. Read more about our efficiency efforts and our approach to purchasing renewable energy.

For additional information about the security and privacy of Google Apps, please visit our Google Apps Trust site.

Posted by Adam Swidler, Sr. Manager, Google Enterprise