With more than 300,000 devices activated per day globally, Android is seeing rapid adoption in the post-PC era. Android works quite well with Google Apps, but we’re working to make it an excellent choice for both end-users and IT at businesses and schools. Over the last year for instance, we helped IT administrators manage Android straight from the browser, and we introduced features such as Priority Inbox view in Gmail for Android and the ability to edit Google Docs on the go.

Today we are announcing three more updates to our Android for business portfolio around security and connecting with colleagues. These products will be available to all Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education customers:
  1. With the new version of the Google Apps Device Policy app, employees can quickly secure a lost or stolen Android 2.2+ device by locating it on a map, ringing the device, and resetting the device PIN or password remotely via the new My Devices website.

  2. Google Apps administrators have an option in the control panel to “Encrypt Data on Device”, which will now include requiring encrypted storage on Android 3.0 tablets. Devices will need version 2.0 of the Google Apps Device Policy app.
  3. A new corporate contacts app, Google Apps Lookup, makes it easier to find and contact people in your organization. Type (or speak) the name or email address of a coworker, and then tap to call, email, IM or send a text message. Lookup pulls information from the Google Apps directory, so admins need to enable “Shared Contacts” in the control panel before employees can use Lookup on their Android 2.1+ devices.

Learn more about how to set up Google Apps Device Policy and Google Apps Lookup. Mobile devices harness the power, speed and scale of the web to help people stay productive on the go. And these improvements should help make Android users even more productive while keeping their information secure. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.