Editor's note: Today we’ll hear from Albert V. Leems, CIO at Contoso, a manufacturing firm headquartered near Seattle.

As a subsidiary of a traditional software company, we went against the grain and switched all 1,200 Contoso employees across nine continents to the cloud. After previously considering Google Apps, we were finally convinced to make the move when Google Docs began supporting the Corsiva font. I still can’t find track changes in Docs, but now we can use Corsiva from anywhere, on any device. We decided against Microsoft® Office 365 beta, because we’d heard for years that beta software was too risky.

Before the switch our work maintaining IT systems was never done. Now it's easy. And when people still need Clippy, they can write TPS reports without attachments through Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. We’re still waiting for offline Docs, so in the meantime we’re using TiSP to access the Internet in our remote locations and corporate jets.

Since moving to Gmail, HR violations and after-hours sharing of Rebecca Black videos have gone down by 76 percent thanks to Mail Goggles, and Old Snakey has doubled our IT satisfaction scores. Our teams are especially excited to start communicating more efficiently using body language alone with Gmail Motion.

Google Apps helps give our business the agility and fast decision-making of a startup, and now our parent company is considering the switch as well. We’ll be sure to pay another visit here to share their story if they go all in.