Last year we made more than 60 additional Google services available in Google Apps, including Blogger, YouTube and Picasa. Soon we’ll be bringing two of the newest Google features to our Google Apps customers: enhanced Google Profiles and the +1 button.

The +1 button lets you put your stamp of approval on content on the web. When you click the +1 button, your social connections will see your public recommendation when that page appears in their Google search results. Today, some Google search users – including a small number of Google Apps users – will begin seeing the +1 button, and over the coming weeks this will roll out to more users. You can read more details about the +1 button on the Official Google Blog.

The +1 button will appear next to each search result

With +1’s, you will be able to share your recommendations with the world, but there is one catch: the +1 button will only work if you have a Google Profile, which is not available in Apps yet. We’re going to bring Google Profiles to you in a few weeks. Your organization will need to be set up to use additional Google applications to get Google Profiles when it’s available, so this is a great time for administrators to start the transition if they haven’t already!

Google Profiles is an important companion to +1’s, but your profile is also a place for you to manage your online identity. Once it’s ready, Google Profiles can be turned on by your organization's administrator. You might choose to use a Google Profile if you’re a freelance writer, personal accountant or hairstylist, for instance, and you want to create your professional presence on the web to interact with potential clients and colleagues. Your profile will be public, so anyone on the web will be able to view it and your profile and +1’s will show up in search results.

Later this year, we’ll also be providing administrator options to keep profiles and +1’s for Google Apps users private within an organization, so that this information will only be viewable by your colleagues.

Stay tuned for updates.

Update: Google+, which includes Google Profiles, is now available with Google Apps.