Over three million businesses have gone Google to help their employees become more productive, and more companies, schools and other organizations are coming onboard at a record clip. We love hearing stories from customers that switch to Google Apps over their lunch break, but still we know we can make it even easier for organizations to transition. This week we simplified the process for administrators with a brand new setup wizard.

Now when you sign up for Google Apps, the setup wizard will greet you in the administrative control panel. The interactive guide can walk you through all the key configuration options, from creating user accounts to activating email, migrating your existing data to Google Apps and configuring mobile devices. Whether you want to test the waters with a group of pilot users or you’re ready to fully deploy today, the setup wizard will help you manage the roll-out strategy that’s best for your organization. The wizard includes progress indicators so that you can easily come back to the setup tab to continue where you left off.

So if you recently signed up, are a seasoned administrator, or are just considering Google Apps, check out the new setup wizard. We'll be adding more content on an ongoing basis, so you may find it helpful even if you’ve already made the switch to Google Apps. Google Apps resellers can also use the guide to streamline deployments while developing a customized deployment plan for their customers if needed.