With more than 3 million businesses using Google Apps, it’s been an exciting year for 100% web-based computing! To help make it easy for our customers transition to Google Apps, over the years we've launched several tools to migrate email, contacts and calendar data from Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook and other IMAP servers into Google Apps. This year alone, customers have migrated over 3.5 billion emails to Google Apps, along with over 100 million calendar events and 25 million contacts. But we’re still working to make it even easier: today we’ve added new versions of our data migration tools for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook, which are available to Google Apps for Business and Education customers.

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange: This tool lets administrators migrate data for batches of users from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. The new version features performance improvements and supports several additional IMAP servers, including Novell® GroupWise, Cyrus®, Dovecot® and Courier®. You can migrate email from @gmail.com accounts as well with this tool. We’ve also improved support for PST files and Hosted Exchange with this release. Please explore the administrator’s guide and visit the download page for more information.

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook: This tool allows end-users to migrate email, contacts and calendar data from their Microsoft Outlook profiles or local PST file to Google Apps. The new version features improvements for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007, and adds support for 2010. It also includes support for 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook. Head over to the download page to get the updated migration tool.

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook: If some of your users want to continue using Microsoft Outlook as their email interface, this tool is for them. This tool now also allows seamless migration of existing data from Microsoft Outlook into Google Apps (via Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook), and keeps Outlook email, contacts and calendar data in sync with Google Apps accounts. Get the latest version from the download page.

Google Calendar Connectors for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes: Some customers still choose to operate in a dual-deployment environment, and to that end, we’ve also been busy updating Google Calendar connectors that allow bi-directional look-ups of calendar free/busy information for users in the organization still on Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. The new versions of the Calendar Connectors also now support the new Google Apps account infrastructure that brings over 60 additional Google applications to your Google Apps accounts.