Our customers expect Google Apps to be available all the time, from anywhere, and we're passionately committed to proving them right. We measure the success of every server request, every moment of every day, and the numbers support our belief that the cloud can be more reliable than on-premises software. We’ve seen in the past that Gmail can offer ten times greater reliability than a typical on-premises Microsoft® Exchange installation, and this got us to thinking...could we bring Gmail’s reliability to companies currently using Microsoft® Exchange? Today, we’re excited to introduce a new Postini service which accomplishes just that.

If you run Microsoft® Exchange 2003 or 2007, Google Message Continuity is a new email continuity service that can help you ensure that your users never lose access to email during a Microsoft® Exchange outage, whether planned or unplanned. By synchronizing your on-premises accounts with Google’s cloud, Google Message Continuity gives you access to your up-to-date email inboxes (through the Gmail interface) no matter what happens to your on-premises servers. And once your servers come back up after an outage, messages sent and received, plus message state changes (like deletions and folder assignments) that are recorded by Google Message Continuity during the outage, are then synchronized with your servers, allowing users to seamlessly transition from Microsoft® Exchange to Gmail, then back to Microsoft® Exchange.

At $25 per user per year for new customers or an additional $13 per user per year for current Postini customers, Google Message Continuity advances our commitment to providing rapidly deployed, cost-effective email management solutions for organizations of all sizes. Additionally, for organizations interested in eventually moving to Google Apps, Google Message Continuity can provide a smooth bridge to the cloud. You can experience Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar without disrupting your current email system. If you decide to deploy Google Apps, you won’t need to migrate any email data since Google Message Continuity will have already done so via synchronization.

To find out more about Google Message Continuity, please join our live webinar on December 15th where Michael Osterman, a leading technology analyst, will share current industry research and IT trends in the continuity market and explain the value of a cloud-based email continuity solution.

Google Message Continuity: A Cloud-Based Continuity Solution
Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT / 7 p.m. GMT
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For more information on Google Postini’s complete suite of email security, archiving, and continuity services, please visit www.google.com/postini.

Posted by Matthew O’Connor, Product Manager, Google Enterprise