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Spyder has always been a company that pushes the limits of design and performance, proving that it’s as important to adapt with speed and grace to conditions on the mountain as it is in business. At Spyder they value speed and innovation in all that they do, and that includes their information systems. Google Apps helps Spyder design high-performance products and work with their athletes and manufacturers all over the world.

While Spyder has grown and expanded its product line over the years, its roots are in ski racing. Founder and championship skier, David Jacobs, started Spyder as a ski sweater company out of his kitchen in 1978. As a former coach of the Canadian National Ski Team, David understood that athletes depend on quality equipment to gain a competitive edge. For more than 30 years, Spyder has focused on engineering superior skiwear for its athletes, whether they’re Olympic skiers like Julia Mancuso and Tommy Moe, back country enthusiasts, or just beginners. Rigorously tested by top athletes on some of the toughest terrain and the most competitive races, Spyder products embody a passion for performance.

Spyder is a business that needs to go where their athletes go. And these people feed on adventure and thrive on adrenaline, so they find themselves in some pretty interesting places - Alpine Ski World Cup stops, Chilean photo shoots, and wherever the Olympics are, to name just a few examples. Google Apps helps Spyder set up shop on any mountain. With Google Apps Spyder employees can just pick up their laptops, check their email on the go, and get to the next race or the next photo shoot.

Spyder works with designers and manufacturers all over the world, so they need to be able to share documents and spreadsheets, have meetings over video chat, and find what they’re looking for in their inboxes - fast. Google Apps has helped Spyder’s internal teams work more cohesively and efficiently, enabling them to get the best quality products to market, wherever they happen to be in the world. If Google Apps helps them get their work done faster so they can get back on the mountain, that doesn’t hurt, either!