The Google Apps Marketplace helps businesses discover the best web-based business apps that integrate with Google Apps, helping employees to be more productive and reducing implementation costs. Every month on App Tuesday, we welcome even more apps that expand the range of solutions available to businesses.

As always, all Marketplace apps offer single sign-on convenience and hassle-free access through the universal navigation bar. Many go even further by integrating with your Gmail inbox, Google Contacts, Google Calendars and more to improve your productivity, read below to learn how.

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  • Outright - Accounting and Finance
    Outright simplifies the accounting process for your business by automating data entry, generating critical reports, and maximizing tax deductions.
    Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Calendar, Gmail inbox
  • Connect2Field - Calendar and Scheduling
    With Connect2Field, service businesses can easily manage their workers by scheduling jobs, delivering real-time instructions, and capturing live data from the field.
    Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Calendar, Google Contacts
  • Insightster - Idea Management
    Gather ideas from across your organization, collect feedback from the right people, and make informed decisions without the hassle of endless meetings.
    Integrations: Single sign-on, Gmail inbox, Google Calendar, Google Contacts
  • PromaSys Flo - Workflow Management
    Convert manual processes and paper trails to web-based workflows, allowing for improved tracking and auditing to reduce labor costs and standardize processes.
    Integrations: Single sign-on, Gmail inbox

  • - Professional Relationship Management
    A professional relationship management tool that  aggregates social networks, phone and SMS feeds to help manage all of your relationships in one place (chrome only).
    Integrations: Chrome extension, Google Contacts, Gmail inbox

  • Matchbook - Customer Relationship Management
    A system for teams to manage contacts and call lists for their clients that introduces a competitive element among sales teams to encourage optimal performance.
    Integrations: Single sign-on

  • A suite of admin tools that allows admins to populate Google Groups dynamically, assign admin tasks, filter access to contact information, and audit email usage.
    Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Contacts, Google Groups

  • SADA Site Copier - Google Sites Management
    Site Copier allows Google Sites owners and Google Apps admins to quickly and easily duplicate a Google Site from one domain to any Google Apps domain.
    Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Sites
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Posted by Harrison Shih, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google Apps Marketplace