While the majority of Google Apps customers choose to “go Google” quickly without transferring old data from their previous IT environment, some companies are reluctant to step into the future without bringing along emails, calendar entries and contacts from the past. To that end we’ve released several data migration utilities, including Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook®, which we announced last week.

These tools have helped unshackle thousands of organizations from their previous technology solutions. Our customers have migrated more than 2 billion email messages to Google Apps, and in the past 2 months alone, more than 14 million calendar events and 6 million contacts (not counting domain-wide address lists) were migrated to Google Apps from Microsoft Exchange® and Lotus Notes®.

It’s been some time since several of our migration utilities launched, so we thought we’d summarize our data migration options here.

Migrating from Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft Outlook®:
  • Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange is a server-side tool that migrates your company's email, calendar and contact data from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. This tool works for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007, and both on-premises and hosted Exchange.
  • Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook® is an end-user tool that moves email, calendar and contact data from Microsoft Outlook profiles, PST files and Microsoft Exchange accounts to Google Apps. This tool works with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007, on-premise and hosted Exchange, as well as legacy PST files saved on users’ machines.
Migrating from Lotus Notes:
Migrating from other email systems:
  • IMAP mail migration tool enables domain administrators to transfer the existing contents of users' mailboxes from an IMAP server to Google Apps. This tool supports email migration for archives hosted on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Cyrus IMAP Server, Courier-IMAP, and Dovecot.
  • The Google Apps Email Migration API allows administrators and users of Google Apps to migrate mail from legacy email systems into their domain's hosted Gmail accounts. This API can be used by custom email migration applications.
Migrating documents to Google Apps:
In addition to the tools listed above, customized data migration solutions are available from partners listed in the Google Apps Marketplace.

For more information about migrating from common legacy solutions to Google Apps, see our resource pages for IT managers looking to switch from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.