Does a certain Tuesday each month feel like the movie Groundhog Day, where you find yourself going through the same firedrill with no end in sight? Let’s hope you never have it as bad as the character in this video:

With Google Apps, instead of spending time behind-the-scenes patching existing systems, you can focus on providing new functionality that will have a material impact on your business. The Google Apps Marketplace offers more than 100 cloud apps that integrate with Google Apps, many of which are free to get started, so they’re easy to try and can deliver immediate value to your users.

Marketplace apps come in many sizes, from bite-size apps that add features to Google’s existing applications to large apps that can run major business systems and processes. As an Apps administrator, once you install and evaluate an app, you can deploy it to your users in only a few clicks.

Here’s just a small sampling of apps that have recently been added to the Marketplace for you to try.

See social profiles, a list of all your conversations with a contact, and remember whether or not an email thread remains unanswered - all at the bottom of each mail in Gmail.

Easily send email newsletters to your customers, manage your subscriber lists, and track campaign performance.
Deploy CRM, sales, accounting, projects, purchasing, and inventory apps that are integrated with Gmail, Contacts and Calendar.

Get an enhanced administration layer for Google Apps that includes role-based access control and delegation.

Manage project workflow and task collaboration with graphically-rich task and resource tracking.

Every month we’ll be highlighting apps that make your users more productive, with no patching required.

And we’re continuing the conversation on our @googleatwork Twitter account with the hashtag #apptuesday. So tell us, what Marketplace apps do you recommend?

Posted by Kevin Gough, Sr. Product & Marketing Manager, Google Enterprise