In my work, being able to communicate and collaborate with many groups of people is crucial to productivity, and I often want to use Google Apps to share content with particular groups or teams. Typing in every user's email address manually is painstaking and inefficient, and remembering when people leave and join different teams is impossible. Like any user, I want to make sure that I reach the right people, and I want this to be easy and and efficient.

With that in mind, I want to share some shortcuts that help with sharing and groups in several of our apps.

  • In Google Calendar, you can share a calendar with a group by navigating to 'Share this calendar', and then entering a group's email address where you normally enter an individual's. The calendar will be shared with everyone in the group, and will automatically adjust to any membership changes over time.
  • In Google Sites, you can share a site with a group in the same way. Choose whether you want everyone in the group to be an owner, collaborator, or viewer. The site will automatically detect group membership changes.
  • In Google Docs, groups can be given permission to edit or view individual documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or files. It looks like this:

Here at Google, we use these features all the time and find them very useful. Now, with Google Apps taking care of group sharing for me, I can focus on other important things...

Stay tuned for even more exciting groups-related goodies coming your way!

Posted by Jeffrey Chang, Associate Product Manager, Google Groups

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