On the heels of the June Google Search Appliance (GSA) 6.0 release we're announcing an upgraded suite of GSA Connectors – including connectors to integrate offline company data with information stored in the cloud. GSA Connectors make it possible to connect the GSA with popular content management systems and other repositories, so that users can easily find the information they are looking for in a single page of unified search results, wherever it resides within the company.

Ultimately, GSA Connectors make companies more agile, so they can increase the
Return on Information on thier investment in ECM, CRM, and other content management systems. Check out some of our GSA customers, including Mercer, Honeywell, and Sunnybrook, to see how they are benefiting from using GSA Connectors.

With the upgraded Google Search Appliance Connectors, we now have a simplified and more robust connector framework that can search content anywhere. First, we're excited to announce our Enterprise Labs release of the GSA Connector for Salesforce, the world's most popular CRM system.

With this connector, the GSA can search all content in Salesforce, providing sales, marketing, and customer support personnel instant access to the information they need every day. Additionally, given that the GSA already searches content in Google Apps, and now searches Salesforce, our customers know our unrivaled commitment to searching content wherever it reside – on-premise, or in the cloud.

In addition, we have new updates and features for each of our connectors to the popular content management systems - including ones forSharePoint, Livelink, FileNet, and Documentum. Specifically, the SharePoint connector supports batch authorization and multiple site collection, and we've even added the much-requested 64-bit Windows support.

Additionally, with the Google Search Box for SharePoint, the GSA can power the search box within SharePoint, so users obtain a unified set of results from across their organization, including from repositories outside of SharePoint.

Multiple connectors now support more recent versions of the content systems, such as the Documentum connector now supporting v6.5, or the FileNet connector now supporting v4. Across the board, we've simplified configuration and reduced the footprint, making the lives of administrators even easier. GSA customers can access the latest connectors at our support site here.

As information architectures get more complex, and increasingly leverage information in the cloud, our philosophy remains the same - to provide our customers with a simple, powerful mechanism for securely searching all content and increasing your return on information.

Posted by Jeff Ling, Product Manager, Google Enterprise