Organizing email can be a challenge, especially in the workplace where it's not uncommon to get hundreds of messages a day. In Gmail, labels are key to organizing, archiving and filtering messages, so we've made a number of improvements to make labels more accessible and easier to organize.

New location
Labels are now located above the chat list in Gmail, grouped with default labels like Inbox and Drafts for quicker access (no more scrolling for those of us who keep a large chat list).

Hide and show
If you have labels that you don't regularly click on, you can hide them so they only appear when you click the "more" link. That way, your left nav is only filled with labels you consider to be a priority. Show, hide or delete labels by clicking the down-arrow to the left of a label.

To make changes to multiple labels at a time, go to the "Labels" tab under "Settings" where you can edit labels in bulk.

Drag and drop
We've added drag and drop capabilities that let you do a few things:
  • Hide and show labels by dragging and dropping them in and out of "more"
  • Instead of using the "Move to" button, drag messages into a label to label and archive in one step.
  • Instead of using the "Label" button, drag a label onto selected messages.
These updates are available across all editions of Google Apps.

For more details on this launch, check out the Gmail Team's announcement.

Posted by Joyce Sohn, Product Marketing Manager, Google Apps team

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