Vijay Koduri, Product Marketing Manager

Imagine bringing the experience of search on and the power of cloud computing to your website. That's Google Site Search in a nutshell.

Our hosted website search product now offers enhanced index coverage in addition to several other new features that improve usability and customization:

  • Enhanced index coverage: Google Site Search can now serve all website content -- even deep pages or frequently updated material -- as search results, ensuring relevant and comprehensive coverage of the website. To do so, we create special indexes that supplement pages already searched by For even greater coverage, site owners can upload their Sitemaps.
  • Synonyms: Find documents with related terms without having to search multiple times. For instance, point out that "cd" stands for "certificate of deposit" on your administrative console and Google Site Search automatically returns results for both, whichever of the two terms is typed into the search box.
  • Date Biasing and Top Results Biasing: Fine-tune the relevance of search results by specifying a bias for newer documents or certain subsections of the website.

For businesses, this means your website visitors can now find relevant product information quickly, potentially leading to increased conversions and sales. For example, according to EMC Website Content Manager Rudy Layla, EMC Insignia experienced an approximate 20% increase in e-commerce sales after implementing Google Site Search.

Setting up Google Site Search takes just minutes. Website owners fill out a simple web-based form where you enter your site URL and a few customization specifications, and voila! Your site now features Google-powered, ad-free customized search. Google Site Search is a fully scalable solution, applicable to a broad range of businesses, small and large alike. Here are a few sites with Site Search:, eHealthInsurance, and Techsmith.

If you're interested in learning more, we're hosting three webinars: June 3rd (Overview), June 10th (Business Benefits), and June 18th (Webmaster Focus). Feel free to sign up for the webinar of your choice.

Finally, try it today by entering your own website URL and typing in some sample queries. If you like what you see, you'll like this even more: we’re offering Google Site Search for a flat annual price, starting at just $100. Sign up for Site Search.