Our small but powerful blue box has been working hard in companies all over the world, and now it works even harder so you don't have to. We've outfitted the Mini with some great new features:
  1. Almost all employees store files on shared servers so other employees can access them. The Mini is now able to securely crawl and serve these file shares. You'll be able to quickly find shared information across the company instead of having to ask a hundred people or, worse, do their work over.

  2. Many customers have told us that they want to tell us which documents are more valuable within their own companies -- for instance, published marketing collateral is more authoritative than the first draft. Sometimes, files from a certain server are less important and shouldn't clog the search results page. Source Biasing enables users to give us URL patterns and tell us if they should be weighted higher or lower.

  3. Two very similar documents: One from 1998, one from 2008. We're guessing you're not as interested in the one written 10 years ago. If so, you'll like our new Date Biasing feature, which gives greater (or lesser) importance to newer (or older) documents.

  4. Finally, in an effort to continue the rapid international growth of the Google Mini, we are adding support for six more languages (Basque, Catalan, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, and Polish) in the Mini's administrative screens and help documentation.
If you don't have a Google Mini but are ready to try it, please get in touch. If you already have a Google Mini, the new features will be available to you for download from your support site shortly.