Google Apps users appreciate that their web-based Google Calendars are available anywhere and anytime, and packed with powerful sharing options. But people aren't always connected to the Internet, and they may prefer to use different applications (like Microsoft Outlook calendar) at their home or office. One of the biggest issues we hear from users is how hard it is to keep all of their calendars up to date.

Today, we're pleased to announce a tool to sync Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendar. If you add an event in your Microsoft Outlook calendar, it will automatically sync to Google Calendar and be accessible at any time, whether you're using a browser or a mobile phone. Similarly, if you schedule an event with a future pop-up reminder in Google Calendar, you will automatically see that reminder in your Microsoft Outlook calendar on your computer. Your Microsoft Outlook calendar and Google Calendar are automatically kept up to date, leaving you free to use whichever one you want.

We also want to ensure that your contacts see your calendar information only if you intend to share with them. You can set the default privacy level in Google Calendar to "private" so events synced from Microsoft Outlook calendar are marked private, and only you (or others who you've granted permission to view event details) will see them on Google Calendar. You can also choose to sync in just one direction if you prefer to keep your private data only in Microsoft Outlook calendar, or only in Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Sync is now available for free for all Google Apps users at