Managing email systems has never been easy, and for many businesses it only seems to be getting harder: Not only do you have to worry about increasingly complex email security threats, upgrades and patches, but archiving and e-discovery needs to meet regulatory requirements are also on the rise. We believe cloud computing can dramatically simplify this problem for our customers and reduce costs, and today we're taking another step to make it so.

We're launching three new security and compliance products on the Google Apps platform: Google Message Filtering, Google Message Security and Google Message Discovery. They're simple, powerful, and affordable for businesses of all sizes, and they work with any email system, from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange to Novell Groupwise. They also take the hassle out of IT -- you can buy them online, enable them in hours, and protect your business immediately. No more worries about upgrades and patches either -- they're automatic. We believe in giving our users choice, so you can pick the service that best suits your needs and budget.

* Google Message Filtering ($3 or €2.00 per user/year) provides basic spam filtering for any email server.
* Google Message Security ($12 or €8.00 per user/year) provides comprehensive email security and policy management for inbound and outbound messages.
* Google Message Discovery ($25 or €17.50 per user/year) provides comprehensive security, policy management, archiving, e-discovery for any email server.

Read more about these packages.

Note that the prices are annual, making them affordable for any budget. More importantly, they address many of the security and compliance challenges our customers face today. Here are some examples:

* If you're using an appliance and running into spam leaks and mail outages, you can front-end the appliance/software with Google Message Filtering and realize performance improvements immediately.

* If you're worried about sensitive information leaking via email accidentally, you can use Google Message Security and implement content filtering policies and be assured your outbound email will be policy compliant.

* If you're using tape-based archives and struggling with email storage growth and e-discovery requests, you can simplify your life with Google Message Discovery. You can manage archiving in the cloud without storage capacity worries and respond to e-discovery requests using a browser.

We've designed these products to make your life easier and your emails more secure and compliant. They allow you to focus on your business and deliver value, not waste time fighting spam and archiving.

But don't take it from us. Check out what our customers have to say in the videos here, here and here. They're a handful of the nearly 40,000 businesses that rely on our technology to keep them compliant and safe.