One of the things I've heard a lot since joining Google is "speed matters," and it's been great to have a hand in the rate at which we innovate.

In that spirit, today we're taking another step toward making corporate email communications more secure, compliant and productive. We've started rolling out a new set of tools to help Postini and Google Apps Premier Edition customers protect and manage their electronic communications.

The new capabilities include:
  • content-based policy for inbound and outbound email traffic for more protection of sensitive data, such as credit card and Social Security numbers
  • the ability to create advanced policy rules based on content patterns and apply a variety of dispositions including logging, routing to reviewer queue, bcc: to reviewer queue, bounce and encrypt using Postini Encryption Services
  • new granular content inspection capabilities for messages and attachments
  • email security advancements for faster detection and protection of viruses and spam, including early detection of zero hour threats, additional defenses against botnet attacks and new dispositions for encrypted files
The content policy management capabilities and the new email security advancements are being made available as part of the Postini Email Security service and Google Apps Premier Edition at no additional cost.

As part of this launch, we are also rolling out enhancements to the Postini Message Archiving service. These are available to Postini Message Archiving Customers and Google Apps Premier Edition users for an additional fee.

Of course, since our services are hosted, users get access to these tools quickly and seamlessly. Read more.

Coming just eight weeks after the acquisition, and six weeks from the first integration of Postini and Google Apps, we hope this launch is further evidence that Google is committed to continued investment in Postini solutions, as well as accelerated delivery to our customers. Speed does matter!