A few months ago at the Web 2.0 conference, our CEO Eric Schmidt, in conversation with John Battelle, announced our plans to launch an online presentation application this summer. Well, summer is winding down, and today, people who use Google Apps can create, share, upload and collaborate on online presentations in real time. As part of Google Docs (formerly Google Docs & Spreadsheets), your presentations can be edited from anywhere, shared with specific individuals or an entire organization, and viewed in presentation mode simultaneously by distributed teams.

Maybe you need to revamp an outdated sales presentation -- import it into Google Docs and invite your colleagues to chime in. When it's finished, you can drive the presentation directly from Google Docs as your field sales team looks on. Or maybe you just found out that your group has been called on to deliver a presentation in a couple of hours -- create a presentation from scratch, add your teammates as collaborators, and work on it simultaneously to get it done faster.

For a while now, Google Apps users have asked for a presentations feature within Google Docs to make it easier to create and share presentations online, so this launch is particularly exciting for the Google Docs team. We look forward to developing increased functionality for Google Docs, and we hope to have more to share with you soon.

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