We at Google have teamed up with Inxight Software, one of our Google Enterprise Professional partners, to make it even easier to find documents, discover trends and find information within documents in the enterprise. To complement Google enterprise search capabilities, Inxight has created the Inxight Search Extender, an easy-to-install application that integrates with both the Google Search Appliance and Google Desktop for Enterprise. As our customers have experienced, the Google Search Appliance provides Google-quality search across your web servers, file systems, portals, content management systems and relational databases. Now, the Inxight Search Extender for Google integrates with the Google Search Appliance to enable users to filter search results sets and more easily navigate through documents, seeing at-a-glance automatically extracted people, companies, places, and other information. The result is that you can get more value from your information.

To help explain this powerful combination of technologies, we're jointly hosting a free webinar next week.