We launched a new version of the Google Search Appliance today with a feature called Google OneBox for Enterprise. Ever search on Google for a stock ticker or the weather and get the information right in the search results? Well, Google OneBox for Enterprise works the same way - giving you access to information from business applications such as your contact database, calendar, CRM or BI system. Check out Dave Girouard'’s blog post for more on how this works.

We're thrilled with the impressive list of partners (Cognos, Oracle, Cisco, Salesforce.com, SAS and many others) who have already created OneBox modules. Take a peek at this video to hear some of our partners talk about why they think a Google search box is a great way to reach their applications.

And last but certainly not least, the Google Mini grew up a bit today -- well, in a sense. The new Google Mini is half the size and weight of its predecessor but is chock full of features like unlimited collections, a continuous crawler and up to 25 queries per second query capacity.