Just now, BearingPoint announced a search practice based on Google's enterprise products. We've been busy as beavers getting hordes of BearingPoint consultants and engineers up to speed on our technology and we're glad to have them on the extended team.

We're excited about this partnership for lots of reasons. First, the guys and gals at BearingPoint seem to share a common viewpoint with us - that search is the next killer app for business. Second, this is the first time that one of the world's top consulting firms have established a search practice, their way of saying that this is gonna be big. And third, we now have a partner that can help expand and scale our efforts to bring Google-quality search to the Global 2000.

From our perspective, companies should have more than 90 percent of their information accessible quickly and effortlessly through a single search box, and we have a first-class partner to help us achieve that goal!